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3 Key Tips For Securing More Than 90% In All Board Exams

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  • April 5, 2019
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CBSE board exam is a very competitive examination and rightly so. In India, the demand for professionals with a good education is ever growing. To be such a person, you need to have the right approach to working. And this starts with how you plan your studies. Your board exam results are ultimately going to decide which college you can get into. So, yeah, you need to score as high as possible.

Now, there is no one-shot miracle process for scoring exams. A wise man once said, talent is hard work repeated every day. That applies to your case more than any other. While there are many ways to develop an educated mind, consistently trying to learn new things is the best way.

We all have the ability to remember things. Picture a list with 10 items and read it through, you will probably remember 6 maybe 7 items if you are attentive. The practice is to enable you to remember the rest 3 or 4 items as well.

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So, with that in mind, here are 3 tricks to help you score better in your 12th CBSE board exams.

3 Ways Your Board Exam Scores Can Go Beyond 90%

Discipline the Learning

The idea that learning can be spontaneous is a joke. Creativity can be spontaneous, learning is always systematic. So, you need to have a disciplined approach to learning. A common trend when giving such advice is to recommend making a schedule. That is not a bad idea although routine should not be followed until you cannot think outside the box either. Create a schedule but remember to go easy on yourself once in a while too.

When learning things, there is always a period you need to give to absorb the information. This is called information uptake and it is critical for developing the ability to recall your subjects. So, your schedule should have a rest period after every short spell of learning. The ideal spacing is about 15 minutes after every 30 or 40-minute sessions. Also, it is great if you can extend the study spells more. Try doing this on the 3rd week of your schedule by about 10 minutes every 3rd days or ever 2nd day.

Create a System

The smartest people on earth always follow a pattern for their memory. You might have seen Sherlock Holmes and his excellent memory. Well, they can achieve a higher functioning memory because they connect the dots, something we are all taught as kids. The idea is to connect different subjects and themes through common points.

For example, if you concepts in science can always be co-related like the biology of an organism and their interaction with their environment. There is always an optimal level after which efficiency goes down. Photosynthesis is a good example. The same applies to physics with force equally mass into acceleration. Too much speed will cause a collision. Learn to spot patterns and create your knowledge base accordingly.

Find Your Strong Points

When talking about intelligence, there are two distinct schools. There are people who remember text more while there are people who remember pictures more. The best performers know how to combine both of these to provide a good idea of the subject.

For example, when you picture a diagram of a switchboard, knowing which electronic parts go where is easier if you remember the circuit relay. At the same time, you can populate the mental diagram by using the system we talked about previous and naming the resistors, conductors and other elements in it. This will help you remember more of the diagram than most other methods.


 The steps above are just an elementary guide to scoring high in CBSE 12th board exams. You should use the suggestions as you see best. Use your judgment in a logical way. Like the great Bruce Lee said, “Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is specifically your own.”

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