5 Acting Schools In Delhi That Can Take Your Skills To The Next Level

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  • January 11, 2019
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Acting is a profession that calls out to an individual. It is a profession for an artist whose spirit is never dampened by the stories of struggle and hardships. This artist cannot do anything else but feels happy only when facing the audience or the camera.

Various drama and acting schools in India act as platforms to instill confidence in you and help build a portfolio.

  • Film and Television Institute of India (FTII)

The Film and Television Institute of India is one of the most sought-after acting schools/institutes in India. This acting school is a member of CILECT (International Liaison Centre of Schools of Cinema and Television).

Courses offered in the acting school: FTII offers only 12 seats in the below-mentioned programmes; One-Year Post Graduate Certificate Course in Feature Film Screenplay Writing (Film); and Three-year postgraduate diploma courses in film direction, editing, cinematography, and audiography.

  • National School of Drama, Delhi

The National School of Drama (NSD) is another premier acting school of India. Naseeruddin Shah and Irrfan Khan were the products of the NSD. It is a primary theatre training academic body.

Courses offered in the acting school: NSD offers diploma in dramatic arts along with the below-mentioned spheres: Modern Indian drama; Classical Indian drama; World drama; Voice & speech; Yoga; Theatre music; and Mime and movement.

  • Asian Academy of Film and Television (AAFT), Noida (Mumbai, Kolkata and New Delhi)

Asian Academy of Film and Television, one of the renowned schools of acting in India, was established in 1993. It offers 3 months’ and 1-year courses in acting. An online aptitude test and an interview are conducted by the institute to select candidates for admissions.

Courses offered in the acting school: B.Sc. in Cinema + Graduate Level Diploma in Cinema; M.Sc. in Multimedia + Post Graduate Diploma in Multimedia; and B.Sc. in Mass Communication.

  • Barry John Acting Studio

Barry John, the Guru of Shahrukh Khan, was the founder of this acting school in India. It is in Delhi and Mumbai. It offers courses such as Certificate in Acting (weekend course), Diploma in Film Acting, Diploma courses in Film Arts etc.

Courses offered in the acting school: Certificate in Acting (weekend course); Diploma in Film Acting; Diploma courses in Film Arts; Customized Film Workshops; and Young Actors Club (Theatre workshops for children).

  • Whistling Woods International, Mumbai

The acting school of Whistling Woods International (WWI) was established by filmmaker Subhash Ghai in 2006. This acting school of India offers short-term and long-term degree and diploma programs in Acting.

Courses Offered in the acting school: BA in Acting; BA in Screenwriting; B.Sc./BA in Filmmaking with specializations; and Diploma in Screenwriting.

Last, to say, do as you are, luck also is an important part in the career of acting, but only if one is dedicated to his art. Also, having a good physique, attractive face and a professional course, act as bonuses for a career in the acting world.

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