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7 Techniques Which Can Be Used By The Students To Remember Anything

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  • October 17, 2018
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All around the globe, every single human has been gifted with an incalculable memory capacity. Our brains are capable of holding a lot of everything, so the aspect of storage is not an issue at all. The main point that should be considered is about recalling that information and memories at the right time.

Recalling things up at the right moment is difficult though, but it also has a great impact on how our peers perceive us.

Let’s give it a thought for now: It is a proven fact that when a person remembers all the details, names, dates, or specifications; we think of that individual as a smart, organized and the perfect guy to do business with. While on the other hand, if a person is unable to remember the things and details and often apologizes for not remembering it; we call those people as less smart and step back to do business with them. YES! Memory matters a lot.

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When this memory concept is considered in the context of students, the meaning gets completely changed. Be it about learning for a test, language, or remembering any detail; consider these 7 techniques which can help you remember anything for a longer period.

  • For the memorization of a speech, go for using the Loci technique

It has been scientifically proved that this method is very effective in the improvement of the memory. It is believed by the scientists that Loci Technique works by utilizing our navigational and spatial memory skills.

How to use this technique?

Step 1: Recall a journey mentally you are very much familiar to. For example: Walking through your house.

Step 2: Start visualizing every aspect involved in the information whether it’s about a room or corridor activity.

Step 3: For recalling the intended information, go through that part of the house you want to remember.

  • To memorize a group of words, use acronyms

As per the researches made, it has been said that we remember things in a better way when a meaning is provided to them. However, it becomes easy to recall a single vivid word or phrase than a series of information on a list.

How to use this technique?

Step 1: Marshal each letter of the words you want to remember.

Step 2: Arrange those letters to make a new word to remember easily.

Step 3: To remember the words, use your new word (acronym) letter by letter.

  • Make use of rhyming to memorize information in a particular series

To remember a lot, the rhymes are the best way to do that because our brains learn things in pieces easily with a sound structure.

How to use this technique?

Bring your inner poet out and go with the words by visualizing pictures along with them in synchronization.

  • Try linking to remember a shopping list

There is a very popular and unique way called the “Visualization & Association Technique”. This technique is an amazing way to transform abstract facts into mental pictures to make things easy to remember.

How to use this technique?

Step 1: Create a visual image of each item on the list. For example, if you are wishing to buy soap, then link it with a wall that has soap around by the time you reach the shop.

Step 2: Make an association of each item and interlinked them with a visual image to remember easily.

  • Make use of chunking to remember long numbers

When you have big numbers or more details to remember, then try to chunk them into bite-sized units. This enables an individual to retain and recall information easily.

How to use this technique?

Arrange the numbers into small series to memorize the long numbers with an ease. For example, if the number is 995687455698; try to break them into different sets like 9956 8745 5698.

  • To memorize facts for an exam, use the technique PQRST

The abbreviation PQRST stands for Preview, Question, Read, State and Test. The experts have claimed that this technique provides an individual with stronger retrieval cues.

How to use this technique?

Step 1: Do skimming of the text thoroughly.

Step 2: Ask questions related to the text you are reading.

Step 3: Read the text completely without making any notes for that.

Step 4: Say answers loud for each key question.

Step 5: Give yourself a test to ensure you remember everything.

  • For learning a new language, just write it down

Whenever you use your hands to write something to remember, it stimulates the cells at the base of your brain, targeting your reticular activating system (RAS) leading to make the brain more active in the formatting of each letter.

Many scientists have used this technique and found it very effective. Millions of people have made the use of this amazing tactic and resulted in a great manner.

How to use this technique?

Write the words on a flash card and read it for at least 3 to 4 times to remember it for long. You may also make the use of different colors, styles, and images to visually memorize the things in a better way.

So, stop struggling with remembering names of a person, things, or text. These 7 amazing techniques will help you in making an improvement in your weaker sections. A student will be made ready for remembering his or her lessons in an effective manner with these wonderful ideas. The time has gone when you cram things like a parrot. Switch to smart ways and never look back to recall them. It is understood that a life of a student is all about learning and taking examinations. But, things can be made easy for them.

Take a deep look into these seven techniques to put them into use for the students to make learning and memorizing easy.

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