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Experts Guide: Important Tips For Students To Answer CBSE Exam Papers

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  • April 15, 2019
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Experts Guide Important Tips for Students to Answer CBSE

CBSE exams are an important stepping stone for every student’s life and career. You need to have the right kind of mindset and approach to giving these exams to really benefit from them. There are some key steps which are involved in preparing adequately for CBSE. Read through the following to understand how you should be doing your preparation.

5 Tips for Cracking CBSE Exams

Answer, Don’t Show Your Knowledge

It is a common misunderstanding that CBSE exam questions must be of a certain length to get marks. While this is slightly true, there is a big difference in how you are going to answer the question. The smart thing to do is to stick to the specific topic as mentioned in the question. Do not deviate into side topics which are related to it just to increase the answer length artificially. Your answer needs to be concise, precise and worded without using any excess language.

Use Simple Language

Another common mistake students make is using words they do not fully know or understand how to use to show their intelligence. When you are answering CBSE questions, you are required to just provide the relevant answers. Using complicated words which are out of place is not going to help you because it is going to confuse the paper checker. They will simply downmark your answer for this since they do not have time to read through long winding sentences.

Know the Language to Use for Specific Questions

This is something which many students fail to understand and so, they lose marks unnecessarily. Fact-based questions are a good example of this. When you need to quote facts and provide evidence to defend your answer, you need to use passive voice. This is important because it is the standard process for answering academic papers even in higher education like graduation and post-graduation. Use passive voice and base your answers on the evidence you provide.

No One Reads Long Sentences

This one is important not just in your CBSE exams. But also in your life outside of schools and colleges. You need to keep your sentences as short as possible. The ideal sentence length is usually accepted at 20 words maximum. Try to express all your specific arguments in that length. If a sentence is getting too long, break it down and make two. The idea is to make your answer easy to read so that checkers do not have to spend time trying to understand what you mean.

Use Mock Papers for Practice

The best way to getting into the habit of answering CBSE questions in the right way is to simply use mock test papers and last year’s question papers to practice. This will give you the kind of habit you need to write the perfect responses. Also, remember that each subject has its own specific answering process. Make sure you read up other articles to know how to answer the questions for each subject individually.

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