Interview Tips For Freshers

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  • January 5, 2018
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Everyone study hard to get a job and make a bright future. But sometimes this hard work let you down in interview round. Everyone wants to impress the interviewer so that they can get the job easily. For that, fresher should know the tips and tricks to clear the interview successfully.


So, here are some basic interview tips for freshers.

Go through information about the Company

Before heading to attend the interview for any company, one must make sure to get enough information about the company. Just check the history, present status and goodwill of the company. This will help to understand the company’s financial state so that one can work confidently.

Carry all documents

Resume is the most important intangible tool while attending interview carries 2-3 copies of it. One must have a resume with the highlights of strength, qualification according to the job profile’s requirement. Don’t add any false information to impress the interviewer. Apart from the resume carry certificates, passport sized photos, a notepad and a pen.
Careful about your actions

Practice makes man perfect- this phrase is very much helpful during interview day. Some people have habit to bite the nails, tapping the table with pen, sipping water, touching forehead or nose, biting lips which make nervousness. Even many people chew the gum during an interview which shows lack of courtesy, so don’t do these things. If your communication skills are not good then improve it and practice the way of speaking and answer the questions.
Arrive Early

Everyone has precious time now days and they don’t want to waste it on anyone. So better to arrive early and relax there. Punctuality is also an important which demonstrates the seriousness towards the work. Always find the information about how to reach the interview place on time.
Dressed up perfectly

Dressing is the mirror of one’s personality, so if you dress good it shows your personality. Always wear formal dress and avoid wearing colorful dresses. If you dress neatly you look professional and confident. Be cautious about the fragrance; don’t use strong fragrance which makes the interviewer uncomfortable.

Have smile on face

Always have little smile on face, enter the interview room with a smile and don’t sit on the chair without permission. Answer the interviewer with little smile. Give an answer with a great feel to interviewer which shows your enthusiasm for the job.

Switch off the Phone

Always switch off the phone or you can put it on silent mode, so that it can’t disturbance to anyone. Any phone calls or messages are not acceptable in any form at the time of interview. So, turn off the phone before entering the interview room.

Keep Eye Contact

Eye contact is essential during interview with the interviewer because it shows confidence and honesty of the person. So, always make eye contact, if there is more than one interviewer, establish eye contact with each of them. While answering the questions avoid staring at any one of the interviewer.

Be Yourself

Be natural in front of the interviewer, don’t tell a lie or copy an accent which put you in trouble.

Listen carefully

Always listen to the interviewer carefully to ensure them to finish the question before you head to answer it.

Be loud enough and clear

Always avoid talking too loudly or low, make sure that the interviewer can hear you clearly.

Ask questions
While interviewer give a chance to make ask a question, always make sure to ask intelligent questions. So better research the job and the company well before going to the interview.

If one wants to clear interview successfully then follow all the above tips. There are some questions also which mostly asked by the Interviewer like:

  • Tell me something about yourself?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • What are your expectations about salary?
  • What is more important to you money or growth?


One should answer such questions clearly and to the point. Don’t explain it like a story. Everyone knows the importance of jobs in life and it’s also not easy to grab jobs first time. Prepare yourself well to get the job at its best. For those who really wish to clear the interviews then remember all the above points recommended by Learn Any Course , which will be beneficial at that time.