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We Need An Education System That Excites Children

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  • October 31, 2018
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In today's modernized world, there is a vital need to change the curriculum of the teaching in the institutions. The teaching process should focus more on the practical and vocational knowledge rather than theoretical analysis. This in return will result in a significant improvement in the standard of education system throughout the world. The lag in the field of the education system is just because in comparison to fast-paced revolution and development of the society in the recent years, the education system throughout the world has developed very slowly and that too in a very minor rate. Due to this reason, the system gets transformed into a tedious analysis for the students. Also, in this digitalized world, students have many talents in many fields and to improvise them properly and that too in an appropriate manner, the curriculum of the system needs urgent and rapid development.

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Modern methods of teaching have to be encouraged thoroughly because these teaching methods would only help the young minds to prosper in the career fields as well as society. With the present backdated form of the education system, the students pursuing the courses would not be able to cope up with the fast-paced industrial growth and would end-up jobless. The industries require qualities like ingenuity, creative minds, flexibility etc. All these could not be acquired only by theoretical analysis. It requires practical skills and knowledge which could only be acquired by using modern knowledge along with its practical implementation. The education system is on such a verge, that it can lead to nothing to the young minds. Various innovative techniques have to be implemented to revolutionize the education systems. Some of the techniques are referred below:

  • A creative method of teaching is an efficient way to develop the students properly. With the help of creative but straightforward techniques, one could efficiently excite the minds of the students in the fields of education. This also helps to enhance the creative minds of the students.
  • Real world experiences should be implemented in the classes. It affects the way that the students relate the examples with the real-life scenarios which help in getting a better depth on a particular topic. Moreover, it also creates a spark in the minds of the students which is very essential for active learning.
  • Replacing the older methodology of writing with the digital methods could be an effective way to bring a spark in the minds of students. Audio and visual methods of teaching help the students to cope up with the knowledge in this technological world.
  • Organizing brainstorming sessions in the classes could help the students to rethink the logic in a whole different way. This enhances the use of the creative minds of students in a much appropriate manner.
  • Introduce the thinking of group discussions in the classes. This helps the students to acquire the knowledge regarding the group works in the industrial fields. It also helps on to exchange the knowledge and ideas with others. So it is a very effective way in the field of teaching.
  • Engaging the students in discussions related to the topics helps one to develop complete knowledge about them. Moreover, it also enhances one to voice out their opinions regarding a particular topic. Thus, it helps to transform into an extrovert nature which is very much essential in life.
  • Introduction of humor regarding the topics could help the students get energized in the classes. Relatable jokes to the topics help the students a lot to gather knowledge in the form of fun and entertainment.
  • Role-playing is a significant aspect in today's fast-paced world. So introducing the students in the schools itself by appointing them for various tasks could help them a lot in working in the career prospects. It also helps them to develop interpersonal skills.
  • Always admire the new ideas as it helps one to innovate and get developed with the fast-paced developments of the society. The whole world is dependent on these new ideas, as a spark of it could change the world.
  • Students often get bored with the boring topics related to the syllabus. But if the teachers interpret the topics in a friendly story type manner, then it would help the students to energize their minds and understand the topics with much ease.
  • Setting goals for the students help them a lot in development. These goals motivate the students in working harder with dedication so that, one could achieve the goals and get success. This is quite an effective method to motivate the students for their learning.
  • It is very much right that motivational quotes help a lot to encourage one to do hard work. So if the motivational posters could surround the students in the classrooms, then it could help the students a lot to get inspired by their studies.
  • Using design thinking in the field of learning could help the students a lot in understanding the complicated topics with ease. It is a process in which the topics are subdivided into various categories. Slow understanding and integrating the topics could help the students a lot in gaining proper knowledge of the complicated topics.
  • Celebrating the achievements of students by awarding them encourages them to work harder with much concentration and dedication. It is a prime factor for motivating and energizing the students towards the studies.

These initiatives could help the students a lot in gathering knowledge along with the qualities required in the career prospects regarding discipline, out-spoken character, resilient and of course a complete individual in every field. These steps could revolutionize the world in a whole new way. Being creative in a fast-paced world would help the ones a lot to cope up with the society and bring new sparks to the existing development. With the present methodology of teaching, one cannot think of the creative ideas which can revolutionize the world. Only active and modern ways of teaching could help the society to bring a pause in the boredom of the education field and replace it with an interesting one.

Moreover, the teachers have to adopt these modern techniques and implement it worthily so that, one could easily gain the knowledge with these simple and communicative techniques. Teaching with professionalism is important, but a touch of creativity is also required in the field of teaching to energize the students in the field. Finding new and innovative methods in the field is like a boon for society. These techniques are only responsible for motivating the students to get new ideas regarding the development of the country.

So if the steps could be implemented in the present education system, which is full of hierarchy, it would revolutionize the system than ever. More and more brilliant and creative ideas could be found out for the development of the society as well as the world. Moreover, these techniques would also replace the boredom of the system in a whole new way, and as a result of this, the students would be motivated in the learning procedures. Thus, for the betterment in the field of an education system, a drastic step in the implementation of these techniques has to be done with urgency for changing the future of the world.

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